Thursday, September 1, 2016

Radical Thinking For the Clinton Administration

It is beginning to look like Trump is going to beat the Hildebeast, but what if the Voting Dead* are mobilized sufficiently, shambling to the polls to eat the brains of democracy?  Or far less likely, Obama decides that human rights for illegals and transgenders takes precedence over the election laws and refuses to enforce the law for President-elect Trump?

A number of cities in the U.S. have declared themselves sanctuary cities, directing their police to provide no assistance to INS in enforcing immigration laws.  Imagine states in the West declaring themselves sanctuary states for gun owners, refusing to assist BATF in enforcing gun laws and directing police to protect victims of BATF from arrest?  How is that any different from sanctuary cities for illegals?

*And yes, someone needs to make this video.  They did!


  1. Like this?

  2. What worries me most is that our voting system is not secure.

    Electronic voting is guaranteed to be fraudulent, and leaves no paper trail; even paper ballots have a strange way of being "found" in back rooms, trunks of cars, etc. to put some Leftist over the top. Mail ballots also help voter fraud.

    Remember the Battle of Athens, Tennessee in 1946? Veterans had to take up arms to prevent voting fraud. It might have to happen again, and in a lot more places.

    It's extremely worrisome that Obama's Department of Homeland Security might be tasked with ensuring fair elections; if they're involved, the elections will be anything but fair!

  3. We libertarians told you that the sanctuary city concept would come in handy.