Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Progressive Values Lack Survival Value

A progressive French Jewish acquaintance sent a link to an article about how "Islamophobia" is the modern equivalent to 1930s anti-Semitism.

This results in the following questions Andre will never confront:

1. Is fear of Islamic terrorists setting off bombs in our cities truly Islamophobia?

2.  Did militant Jews engage in widespread terrorist acts against Germans in the 1920s and 1930s, or was Nazi focus on "decadent Jewish culture" the equivalent?

For many Jewish progressives, they will have to be marched into Islamic Auschwitzes before they figure this out.  Andre is now on the spam list.


  1. Progressivism and liberalism constitutes a belief system, or religion. This is why they can so blithely ignore real world facts. Facts mean nothing to them, if they conflict with their dogma. You can't change these people. They can't be saved from their idiocy by outside influence. They are comfortable in their mental straightjackets.

    I have a couple sisters like that. The inherent inconsistencies in what they think, and what they think they know that isn't so, can be surprising. In addition, after reading SJW's Always Lie, I've realized that it would be a major mistake to involve them in any sort of business venture. They, and their hubbies, have abilities that would be useful, but the potential downside outweighs what they could bring to the table. Bummer. Oh, well, still leaves a couple other sisters to work with.

  2. Islamophobia bears a closer resemblance to anti-Catholic opinions than it does to antisemitism, at least inside the Anglosphere.

    Antisemitism inside the Anglosphere was based on fears of commercial competition. It's closer to today's opposition to Mexicans or Chinese.