Sunday, September 25, 2016

Speaking of Antiques...

It works great. Just posted it to HP DV5126 laptop for sale - $30 (Horseshoe Bend)
Okay it's 11 years old, but it works, dual core processor 1.25 GB RAM, 500 GB hybrid disk drive, big screen (15.5" diagonal), CD/DVD burner with HP's cute but not very useful LightScribe option. It includes a keyboard protector and USB to parallel port adapter (new in box). Why those? I had planned to use it in a harsh environment to control a CNC mill; a genuine parallel port is required. Currently ruuning a Debian Linux variant, but it ran Windows 7 well, and ran Windows 10 without difficulties. Also includes a Gigabit LAN to USB adapter because there are no Windows 10 drivers for the Ethernet port. Big and clumsy, but for your kid headed off to college, better than trying to write papers on a SmartPhone. (I have had students who were proud of this form of self-abuse.) Linux currently the OS installed, but you can have the Windows 7 Professional retail package that I bought for it if you want that instead. Includes the oversized laptop case.

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