Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Uber Impresses Me Not

This is my first Uber use.  The first ride I hauled apparently expected to pick me up at the entrance.  I texted and called him about the pickup location without any success.  But he reported that he got me to the federal courthouse so I was charged.

The second Uber driver got me there just in time for a long metal detector delay so a couple minutes late to the courtroom.

I am trying to reverse the charge for the trip that did not happen.


  1. I've had singularly bad results with Uber Eats meal delivery...Like dropping my food off at some different address.....And then Uber was a pain to get the charges reversed.

    For rides, I prefer Lyft.

    1. They are reversing the charge on the guy who did not pick me up although he claimed that he went to the federal courthouse to deliver me.