Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Airport Advertising

I can see why advertising in the space between the gate and baggage claim makes sense.  You are arriving in a new place and you do not know which are the restaurants most appropriate to your preferences. Or a realtor.

But between TSA and the gate.  I noticed an ad for a plastic surgeon who was so beautiful that if I were in the market for such services I would want to know, "Who did you?" You may be familiar with the logic question, "You are in a small town with two barbers.  One has a terrible haircut; one has a great haircut.  To which one do you go?"

Anyway, if you are departing Fresno and you are a visitor, will you ever need the services of Advanced Footcare: Ankle & Foot Surgery?  (Here is hoping this will be advertising bait.)

If you live here, will you remember them when you return?  Very poorly thought out advertising strategy.

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