Wednesday, January 17, 2024

How Old Is the Airport?

If the chairs in the departure gate area have no power plugs (110VAC or USB) it is at least pre-1990 or maybe pre-2000.  For you still in the prime of your life, we did not carry stuff that needed recharging.

Let me really shock you: when I started flying, you could smoke in flight except when landing or taking off.  (I do not miss this.). The smell of jet fuel when we were taxiing to the gate shortly after landing was a bit unnerving 

There were no metal detectors.  An acquaintance became interested in Second Amendment law by sitting next to Don Kate's on a flight.  Don, was of course, armed.  There were apparently no laws at the time prohibitibg this.

You could meet your arriving friends at the gate.  (The ABC bomber, A is for airport) ended that last freedom, as well as airport lockers.

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