Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Starting to Make My Carbon Fiber and Titanium Screws Shopping List

1/2" OD tube which I will lathe to concentric for axes.  1" square tube for the two axes housings in which the axes will turn inside the stainless steel needle bearings (I have those now). Stainless is not the best although it is considered an adequate galvanic corrosion solution except in salt water.  A 3/8" x 6" x 6" plate from which I will cut the piece that attaches the polar axis housing to the declination adjustment piece and the two 1" x 2" ears in which it will sit attached to a round plate by titanium screws.  

A 1/4"-20  titanium  thumbscrew, turning in a square attached to the base plate will push the declination adjustment piece to the correct angle. 

Other parts of that 3/8" plate will make the end plates for the axis housings, one each with a hole for the axis and one solid for the blind end.  Why 3/8" thick?  So I can use 6-32 titanium socket head screws to hold them in the housings.  I could use epoxy but I like being able to disassemble for maintenance.  

The top of the polar axis will be expoxied into a square piece with a 1/2" hole milled in the end.  This piece will have two 6-32 holes.  Two holes in the declination housing will allow insertion of the screws to attach the housing to the polar axis.  A Teflon washer will allow easy rotation of the declination housing on the polar housing.

Yes I am having trouble falling asleep 

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