Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Mexico's Concerns About Gun Smuggling

You doubtless know that Mexico's suit against U.S. gunmakers is going forward but another interesting twist. 1/22/24 Associated Press:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico wants an urgent investigation into how U.S. military-grade weapons are increasingly being found in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, Mexico’s top diplomat said Monday.

Mexico’s army is finding belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades that are not sold for civilian use in the United States.

“The (Mexican) Defense Department has warned the United States about weapons entering Mexico that are for the exclusive use of the U.S. army,” Foreign Relations Secretary Alicia Bárcena said. “It is very urgent that an investigation into this be carried out.”

I would no be surprised if the Biden Administration is looking the other way while corrupt soldiers are enhancing their paychecks. 

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