Saturday, January 20, 2024

Slow Learners

1/20/24 New York Post:
"A band of newly arrived migrants who may be part of a bigger crime ring are allegedly behind a string of retail thefts and burglaries plaguing a Chicago suburb, police said.
"Chicago, a sanctuary city that does not cooperate with federal authorities investigating crimes by illegal immigrants or allowing local law enforcement to inquire about a person’s citizenship status, has received around 34,000 migrants since 2022....
"In December, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, who previously supported sanctuary city policies, pleaded for federal help in tackling the crisis at the border.

“Without real, significant investment from our federal government, it won’t just be the city of Chicago that won’t be able to maintain this mission,” Johnson told CNN. “It’s the entire country that is now at stake.”"

Really?  They will not cooperate with the national government concerning illegal aliens in custody, ask people they arrest about their status and now it is a big crisis that needs federal intervention.

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