Thursday, January 4, 2024

That Carbon Fiber Equatorial Mount Project

 I received a 12mm rod.  If I were going to put 30 pounds on either end of this shaft I would worry about flex.  And my, is it light.  The bearings are really skateboards, adequate for proof of concept.  The shafts are never going to go faster than 1 rev/day except for short movements.

I ordered some 1/2" OD, 3/8" ID acetal tube to turn to act as a corrosion barrier between shaft and bearing inner ring.  This was not hideously expensive but with three feet of it, I can make many mistakes cutting segments to just fit inside the bearings.  

I am not sure of the concentricity of the shaft (which is really sold as a rod, not a shaft).  I may turn it down a few tenths of millimeter to make sure it is concentric.  I will turn the corrosion barrier after I have that complete.

The bearings are 1 1/8" OD.  I could not find bearings smaller OD with .5" ID, but I should be able to find 1 1/4" ID acetal tubing for the housing, then turn an acetal corrosion bearing to go between bearing and housing tube.

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