Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Carbon Fiber Composite Arrived

The square is 6" x 6" x 3/8" and as you might expect, is profoundly stiff even compared to steel.  This is why aerospace engineers used to refer to carbon fiber composite as PFM.  I will use this to make dust caps for the polar and declination axis housings 

The square tube is 1" x 1" x .03" wall and even though this is not the high modulus form, it is very stiff perhaps equivalent to steel and it weighs almost nothing.

The tube is 0.5" diameter 0.05" wall and is high modulus very stiff and very light.  This will become the polar and declination axes.  The promised concentricity may require turning a few thousandths off the outer diameter.  I also need to verify fit into the .0501" ID needle bearings.  

I am a bit tired to get started on this.  I have been writing a law review article about discrepancies between FBI murder rates and CDC murder rates.

The needle bearings are a very tight fit on the tube. Perfect.

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