Monday, January 1, 2024

What Audience Is This For?

1/1/24 New York Post:
"North Korean despot Kim Jong Un welcomed the new year by vowing to “thoroughly annihilate” the US and rival South Korea if provoked — by deploying the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear arsenal, referred to as its “treasured sword.”

Has any of his lackeys told him that an Ohio-class SSBN can reduce his country to a bunch of starving peasants (which they already are) without any industrial base or cities without asking him what his preferred pronouns are?  I do not doubt that he could reduce S. Korea to a desperate imitation of N. Korea but he lacks the missiles and warheads to do more than make even Democrats angry enough to go beyond a strongly worded note.  WAY beyond.

12/31/23 AFP reports on his threats and one commenter suggests this is to distract from internal problems.

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