Monday, January 1, 2024

Not Sure How to Prep for This

12/29/23 KIRO reports that there is an 11 million to 1 chance of asteroid 2007 FT3 hitting us next year.  Do not worry; it will only have a 2.6 gigaton yield if it ruins Oct. 5.  By my calculations (blast effect goes up with cube root of increase in yield) that would be a 274 mile light damage to framed structures radius.

I hope the same crowd that cannot tell a man from a woman is working on this.  Even a direct hit on Russia would be pretty bad news from shock wave, dust in the atmosphere, massive death toll.

This site says this is an overstated risk report from 2019.  I guess there is no need to sell stocks and buy that Corvette now 


  1. Hmm. Better odds than winning a Lotto jackpot...

  2. Some things you can't prep for. The Yellowstone Caldera. A really large asteroid. Though for Yellowstone you can live outside of the blast area, but that includes about 2/3 of North America by the last 2 blast patterns.