Wednesday, January 3, 2024

0-80 screw

One of the many knives that NRA has given me as a premium for renewing lost of the screws that holds the clasp to the body.

Yes, the left screw was missing and it meant the clasp was loose so I removed the center screw.  0-80.  Good luck finding that at Ace Hardware.  But moving the center one over prevents the clasp from moving so if I do not find it, big deal.

Why repair a knife that is worth almost nothing.  I grew up in a Depression-era family: waste nothing; repair if you can before buying another.

To my amazement, Ace had 0-80 screws.  Which turns out to be too small.  This is apparently the size larger, which they also have.  I will take one with me next time.

I am told Fastenal carries micro screws as well.


  1. 0-80 IIRC are found in model-railroading, particularly in HO and N scale.
    Try a hobby shop.


  3. Loctite or some other thread locker. I've had several of those clips come loose over time

  4. That's a good suggestion to bring what you need with you to the hardware store. I learned that I don't have the vocabulary to ask for some things at hardware stores, so if I can point at something while I talk about it, I get further with my projects.