Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Days I Fear the Stroke Took Away Far More Than I Thought

My attempts to draw anything in Fusion 360 caused me to try and use FreeCAD.    There is a tutorial but after drawing a rectangle in X-Y view, it says to click on a line of the rectangle to set constraints.  Click or double-click makes no difference, it starts making another rectangle.  Is there any CAD program that is obvious to use for drawing simple parts?

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  1. Constraints are not 100% required, although they can help with editing to make sure things stay in position relative to where you want them in relation to other parts. But there are a lot of subtleties. If you drew a rectangle, you still had the rectangle tool selected, and need to hit escape to get back to the pointer. It's such a common action the guy doing the video might not have mentioned it.

    Some of the best tutorials that start at beginner levels and eventually get into some very esoteric capabilities are on the channel of @MangoJellySolutions