Thursday, January 4, 2024

Claudine Gay's Problems Are Wider Than Plagiarism

 Entertaining article that shows her problems include incompetence in statistics, data she would not share, and a CV that would not justify her lofty position--perhaps not even tenure.  There are some amusing parts as well:

Another thing that is notable in all of this is how this not very distinguished scholar gets glowing press. This article from the “independent source for Harvard news since 1898” on the occasion, earlier this year, of her becoming Harvard president is illustrative. The author inserted his proboscis so far up that he could practically smell her tonsils as you can tell from the article title “A Scholar’s Scholar” which is apparently meant seriously rather than being sarcastic. There are many cringe-inducing sections in the article, this one (about how in demand she was after getting her PhD) is a good example:

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