Friday, May 27, 2022

One Downside of Losing 20+ Pounds

 The standard Jaguar XF seats have never been real comfy; now that I have lost some personal cushioning, the problem is more apparent even on short trips.  I purchased one of those metal lumbar support gadgets a couple years ago and it really helped.  An auto upholstery shop recommended by the Jaguar dealer said that there was nothing that can be done.  I bought a couple different seat cushions.  This one was a disappointment.  This one looked identical, but seems to be made of a different foam, and it helps.

So: new car?  Mercedes have always had very nice seats.  The 2018 CLA250 with 4Matic (their AWD version) is $31,325.  With my trade-in Jaguar, I would have minor car payments until the market resumes rising enough to feel comfortable paying off the loan.  Unfortunately, it was busy having a paintjob.  The salesman put me in an E350.  Comfortable pretty nice car but for the amount of driving I do, $63,000 is silly.  The CLA has limited rear seat headroom and because my granddaughter is already starting to resemble a giraffe, the A220 looks better.  He had a new A220, but it was the AMG souped up model: about $41,000.  Still, nice seats.


  1. • I wish I could see a link for the seat cushion that helped.
    • I think you may have prompted me to finally pull the plug and take the effort to get the driver-seat in my old car re-built, as I'm guessing that 90% of my problem is that the support that the seat should have is gone because of crushed foam and floppy support under the foam.
    • I dislike cushions -- I've often used the bead or 'airflow' type when doing long trips, because they never stay in place properly.
    • There once was a time when one could source junkyard seats from a car with 'good' seats and install them in place of your bad ones. Nowadays too much stuff is integrated into the seats -- occupancy sensors, side-air-bags, incompatible heating elements, seat-belts, etc.

  2. If you need an actual, usable 3rd row you're pretty much limited to the Honda Pilot. It has a 3rd row that actual, full-sized adults can sit in comfortably - and they can get in and out of it without assitance.

    1. I do not need a third seat, just a comfortable one in the front seat.