Thursday, May 12, 2022



I still find it frustrating that what C lets you do with an array of structs requires something this:

ArrayList<ArgTypes> argumentList = new ArrayList<ArgTypes>();
argumentList.add(new ArgTypes("-f", ArgValueTypes.DOUBLE, feedRate)); 
argumentList.add(new ArgTypes("-xs", ArgValueTypes.DOUBLE, xStart));
argumentList.add(new ArgTypes("-xe", ArgValueTypes.DOUBLE, xEnd));
argumentList.add(new ArgTypes("-ys", ArgValueTypes.DOUBLE, yStart));
argumentList.add(new ArgTypes("-ye", ArgValueTypes.DOUBLE, yEnd));

You should not need to execute code for a static array.

And while it is profoundly type unsafe, I miss union.  Unsafe types are dangerous, but fun.

C has a small number of primitive types and operators and a swarm of library functions to do just about everything reasonable; Java has the NATO of classes that once you learn them can make the Galactic Empire run in fear 

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  1. C# and Java are very similar languages, but C# has made constant improvements in this kind of syntactic sugar. It doesn't make the generated code work any better, but it does make it easier to write, read, and maintain.