Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Who Started This Great Reset Idea?

 The "eco-fascist" in his own words who is alleged to have been the shooter in Buffalo apparently was concerned about "the Great Reset" making whites a minority in America.  Where did idea come from?  It was for along time, a leftist celebration.  5/16/19 Chicago Reporter "Investigating Race & Poverty Since 1972":

Since the settlement of Jamestown in 1607 and the start of the Colonial period, the U.S. has been predominantly white.

But the white share of the U.S. population has been dropping, from a little under 90% in 1950 to 60% in 2018. It will likely drop below 50% in another 25 years.

White nationalists want America to be white again. But this will never happen. America is on its way to becoming predominantly nonwhite.

As I pointed out a few months ago, this is a misreading of the census data.  Democrats have been making jokes about this.  One of the Maine TV stations verified the accuracy of a video that shows the Leeds County Democratic Committee chair:

Fochtmann says he was the first one to grab the microphone. “I just went there as a public citizen, not as a former candidate or anything like that,” he explained.

He was talking about increasing diversity in Maine when he made the joke – which has now been seen by thousands....

“Today I saw a thing and it said a lot of men…a lot of white men were committing suicide, and I almost thought, ‘Yeah, great,’ Then I thought about it little more and I thought maybe I shouldn't say that out in public." He received laughter from some crowd members.

Some things are not fit subjects for jokes.  You never know when some disturbed racist may take your desire to eliminate white men, mostly not privileged whites such as Fochtmann, seriously.

If you find the idea of replacing whites as a majority racist, do not celebrate or promote it.

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