Friday, May 6, 2022

I Want to Laugh

But it is so utterly contrary to reality for a university midwifery course to be teaching how to assist delivery through a penis.

I am increasingly sure that Atlas Shrugged cross-fertilized 1984 and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Opera.  But whatever humor there result, this cannot be a useful form of medical instruction. 

Any university that receives public funding for this insanity needs to be cut off (excuse me, be treated with "funding reassignment surgery.")

Comment over at Instapundit:
"UK midwifery workbooks: Making 14th Century medicine look cutting-edge."

I often hear the criticism that a lot of fundamentalists are anti-science.  This nonsense taking over the sciences is part of why science is falling into disrepute.   A woman who has been given a fake penis will have been on hormones long enough that pregnancy is not possible.   A man who has been surgically mutilated will no longer have a penis.  The tissue is used to make a fake vagina.  No biomale mutilated into a fake female will get pregnant.   Even ignorant fundamentalists know this is impossible.   We are getting to full-fledged Lysenkoism except Lysenko's crackpot Lamarckianism could be tested and found ineffective.   This progressive garbage is not even at that level of delusional crackpottery.  In another two generations, if anything is left of our civilization, we will be curing ear infections with amulets and shamanism.   We will heat our vegan food over buffalo dung fires and cutting our loaves of bread with recycled Coke bottles sharpened against sandstone.  When the Sun disappears behind the Moon, we will pray for Apollo to  return to the sky while screaming in terror.  We will not be wearing animal skins: how much clothing can you weave by hand?


  1. When I was writing technical orders for aircraft systems repair eons ago, I was doing so by performing the steps one at a time and recording them. I'm guessing that wasn't done in the case of this instructional document.

  2. > We are getting to full-fledged Lysenkoism except Lysenko's
    > crackpot Lamarckianism could be tested and found ineffective.

    You mean like what we call "epigenetics" today?

    Meaning he was mostly wrong, but kinda right.

    1. Epigenetics is not exactly Lamarckian but it is hard to distinguish it.

  3. Maybe they expect a lot of their students to cross focus on zoology and hyenas?

  4. It will be worse than you say. Writing will be forgotten, the few who survive will not only be a pre-industrial society scratching out a living, it will be a pre-civilization scratching out a living from animals and plants, and thievery from other tribes. The idea of right and wrong will be gone as if it never existed, in a pre-historical society with humans as just another animal. The metaphorical apple will have been de-eaten. Instead of an edenic life of the Passionate Shepherd to his love, it will be nature, red of tooth and claw.