Saturday, May 28, 2022

Database Question

Database MassMurder has dozens of fields.  One it does not have is murderers age.  I could just add the field and go back through 1600+ records and fill that in by reading the article at the link in the database.  It would be really neat if someone volunteered (or maybe I could someone) to open each article and fill in the age the article gave (or 0 if there is no or there are multiple murderers with different ages).  But that would delay filling in the age field on records from 1947 onward (where I am currently reading).  I do not want to do a JOIN.  Ideally, an operation that grabs each age field from database AGES filled in by a volunteer or paid worker and added to database MassMurder.  I suspect it is straightforward and would allow someone to speed up this process.

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