Saturday, May 28, 2022

What Not to Say

5/27/22 City Journal quotes Prof. Fox, one of America's principal acholars on modern mass murder:
"As Fox notes, the annual odds that an American child will die in a mass shooting at school are nearly 10 million to 1, about the odds of being killed by lightning or of dying in an earthquake. Those are also about the same odds that any American will die in a mass public shooting like the recent one in Buffalo. Such numbers, of course, are no consolation to the grieving parents and families in Uvalde and Buffalo, but neither is the frenzy to manipulate these tragedies for ratings and political gain."

True but irrelevant.   Tell me that flying to Los Angeles is safer than driving there.  It is true but most people are afraid of a plane crash because they are not in control of the plane; they are in control of a car and that they are not in control of all the other risks matters not.  Children are indeed "precious cargo" and anything that makes them feel their kids are at risk in a school where they have no control makes them crazy.

Emphasize that an armed teacher will not lack courage across the classroom from a mass murderer.

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