Thursday, May 5, 2022

Most Mass Murders Have Startlingly Simple Timelines

 Some are as complex as a movie script (almost):

Riverside, Cal. (1944)

03/05/1944: A married U.S. Army officer rebuffed by a young lady who preferred another, apparently unmarried officer, opened fire with his service pistol, killing the object of his passion and another young woman, wounding the officer who she preferred, and another officer passing by.  

“Crouching and backing toward the door” the murderer “held the rest of the crowd at bay in true movie fashion.”  Then he sought more ammunition from his captain.  The captain refused and the murderer shot him as well.  Next, he wounded a soldier who responded to the shooting. 

Then he commandeered a car; he crashed it into another car, opening fire on its passengers in that other car, wounding one and killing one responding police officer and wounding another officer.  Their shots felled the murderer who soon faced a court-martial.

Category: public

Suicide: no

Cause: jealousy

Weapon: pistol[1]

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