Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Federal Gun Licensing

The Democrats are screaming for this.  Two questions:

1. What would a federal license have done in Texas?  He bought the rifles after his 18th birthday so likely a dealer sale with background check.  What else would a license do?  Show that he liked to wear black eyeliner?  So licensing will be transphobic?  He dropped out of high school?  Will graduation be required?  A full psychiatric evaluation would likely have raised flags but how many people have little eccentricities.  Some of them are throupled members of Congress.

2. "Like a driver's license." You mean available to anyone without public safety implicated crimes?  You mean with a safety test that only the dumbest fail?

Yes.  Like a driver's license.  Good anywhere in America.   Valid to carry, possess or buy any gun in any state.  I can rent a car at any airport with my license.  I can drive a high-performance sports car in any state--even it is capable of breaking the speed limit to way unlawful speeds.  If this is such an effective strategy, why do many of these incidents involve people who passed background checks (sometimes because the reporting agencies, such as USAF drop the ball)?

And if a federal gun license does not catch anything that background checks miss, why bother?  If it really does catch dangerous people who cannot be trusted with a gun, shouldn't a license grant all sorts of privileges?

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