Saturday, May 28, 2022


5/28/22 Quilette has an article whose need is another depressing reminder of how fast the elites are pressing the accelerator pedal as we approach the cliff.

The article examines the currently fashionable argument in favor of polygamy.   The argument this article advances against polygyny  (polyandry being actually quite rare) is not Christian, because that will never be a valid argument to the elite, but that anthropologists who have studied this subject in detail, in multiple cultures, have found that it increases all sorts of social problems 

Men who will never marry have the same violence problems that are typical among single men in monogamous societies.  

Child abuse is more common in polygynous families.  Women have less restraint in mistreating children with whom they have no genetic relationship (much like stepparents in monogamous relationships).  While I do not recall the article making this point, children of "sister-wives" are competitors with their own children for resources.

There is a host of data demonstrating that polygyny is a bad idea.  One Canadian court looked at the data and concluded that regardless of religious morality, this is a bad idea.

American courts have ignored such evidence in their pursuit of denigration of Christian morality in law.

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  1. Who cares about "the Best Interests of the Child"? We've got a society to kill.