Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Texas Murderer

5/25/22 Sky News reports he bought the two AR15 type rifles the day after his 18th birthday and that he worked part-time at a Wendy's.  I see about $1600 worth of rifles.   How does a Wendy's part timer save up that much money?

Other reports indicate that had been bullied in school and had a drug addicted mother.  Pretty typical modern family: drug addicted mother; no father mentioned; "free-range children."   I know it is not cool to say this but unless some of these destructive social patterns are disrupted, we will eventually lose.  Justices watch CNN.

There is a picture floating around purporting to show the murderer cross-dressed.  My first reaction is Fake. (Some reports describe his mental decline as including letting his grow out.  This could also be laziness, 1960s costume party, or organic version of a tinfoil hat.)    If you find a properly sourced version, let me know. Your inbox is about as trustworthy as Russian state media.

"“He was the nicest kid, the most shiest kid. He just needed to break out of his shell,” he said, adding that Ramos was once subjected to homophobic slurs after posting a photo of himself wearing black eyeliner."

Newsweek reports that the supposed cross dressing pictures have been identified by the person who put them up and are not the murderer.

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