Monday, May 9, 2022

The Europeans Are Talking Civil Defense Again

 5/9/22 Defense Post; 5/8/22 Foreign Policy; US coverage is focused on cyber civil defense, which is likely more critical but a billion dollars a year restocking existing CD shelters would go a long ways towards protecting at least some of our population.  A billion every year is not only good for the current threats, but someone like North Korea who might destroy just a few cities, spreading fallout widely.  Time to write my Congress critters tomorrow.

I mentioned some back, that Big Box stores and supermarkets are better than you might expect (8.5x reduction from outdoor exposure, probably better in the cold cases once refrigeration was turned off.  (Yes, a horrifying film where the cold cases come back on and everyone becomes zombie apocalypse treats comes to mind.)  I was at church on Sunday, and I noticed that our sanctuary is perilously similar to a big box store.  It is a 20+ foot high ceiling, all constructed on concrete block and I suspect rebar.  There are bathrooms with showers immediately adjacent to the sanctuary, and classrooms another story down,  According to this chart, those classrooms below the sanctuary should be protection factors of 20-50.  That is very close to a properly constructed fallout shelter.  Civil Defense might be cheaper to resurrect than it appers,

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