Friday, May 6, 2022

Assault Axes

 5/6/22 New York Times:

JERUSALEM — Two assailants, at least one of them armed with an ax, attacked passers-by in an Israeli town on Thursday night, killing at least three, according to initial reports from eyewitnesses, the police and emergency services.

The Israeli authorities described the assault, in which several other people were wounded, as a terrorist attack.

The attack followed a wave of violence by Arab assailants that had already killed 14 people in cities across Israel since late March, and came days after a Palestinian militant leader urged Arabs to “get your cleavers, axes or knives ready.”

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  1. The NYT headline ("At Least 3 People Reported Killed in Israel Attack"), as is usual with such incidents, carefully avoids mentioning who is attacking whom. The phrase "...Israel attacks" even implies it was Israelis attacking. Richard Landes at "Augean Stables" has compiled A long list of similar headlines.