Sunday, May 22, 2022

We Went Hiking in Boise National Forest Near Bogus Basin Today With the Dogs

It is really beautiful up there especially when you do not worry about sliding off the road on black ice.

Bogus Basin is a decaying mass of granite, part of the Idaho Batholith.  You can see glinting pieces of mica from the decaying granite.

It is actually translucent.  You can see why it was used for "lookinglass" in ancient stoves.  It will not burn and you can sort of see through it.  We could also see the occasional gold flecks in the sand.  Rhonda found a lovely granite sample with a large mica inclusion, but you are not allowed to take stuff from National Forests; just think: if every visitor took a rock every day, in 100 million years, Bogus Basin would be gone.  Just a flat plain.

This is what Bogus Basin looks like from the back yard.

I walked 6.5 miles today (about 1.25 of it on the treadmill). In light of the problem I was having with breathing a few months ago, today's suffering was almost entirely leg muscle fatigue from trying to keep with Mt wife 


  1. Well done on the hike. Did you do Around the Mountain? I also highly recommend the More's Mountain Interpretive Loop.