Monday, May 23, 2022

When You Lose Your Aglets

You do know that aglets are the little plastic pieces on the ends of shoelaces that make it easy to put the shoelaces through the tiny holes in your running shoes (or in my case, walking shoes), right?  They never last as long as the shoelaces for me.  Once they have broken off, getting your shoelaces through the holes becomes downright impossible.  While trying to get the shoelace through the top holes this morning, I was inspired.  

1. Grab some small tweezers.

2. Grab the very tip of the shoelace.

3. Push it through the hole.

4, Grab the shoelace on the other side.

5. Release tweezers.

6. Pull tweezers out.

You may need to enlarge the hole with the tweezers first to get them through the hole.


  1. Go to Home Depot or wherever and buy some appropriately-sized shrink tubing like you use on electrical wire splices. Cut a piece the length you want your aglet to be. Slide it on your lace from the good end that presumably still has an aglet. Slide it to the frayed end, trimming the end as needed. Shrink it in place. (Pro tip: You can find that tubing in various colors.)

  2. Or you just replace the aglets with some heat shrink tubing.

    Here's an info site about the process. Pretty easy to do.

  3. If the laces are synthetic, just turn on the stove burner and melt the tips.

    1. I thought about that after the fact. Do the flammability standards for pajamas apply to laces?

  4. Both commenters above are what I was gonna suggest.
    You can get heat shrink in many colors and diameters.