Monday, May 30, 2022

Old News, But Still, Funny and Tragic

 1/28/22 New York Post:

In fresh proof of the lunacy of the United Nations, North Korea will chair its world disarmament forum for four weeks starting May 30.

Yes, the world’s foremost weapons proliferator will preside over the 65-nation World Disarmament Conference, most famous for producing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty back in 1968.

North Korea is in constant violation of nine separate UN orders thanks to its continued nuclear and ballistic-missile programs. It has launched six ballistic missiles in four weapons tests this month, and the country openly sells its missile and atomic blueprints to any comer.

Pyongyang also routinely threatens to attack other UN member states.

Fine, North Korea’s role at the forum is largely ceremonial, but what a message it sends. Any government that actually cares about disarmament ought to boycott, as the United States and Canada did when Iran held the same chair in 2013.

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