Friday, September 4, 2020

I Started Taking Vitamin D Several Weeks Ago

9/3/20 UPI:

Sept. 3 (UPI) -- Vitamin D deficiency increases a person's risk for catching COVID-19 by 77% compared to those with sufficient levels of the nutrient, a study published Thursday by JAMA Network Open found.

As many as one in four of the nearly 500 participants in the study were found to have less-than-optimal levels of vitamin D, the data showed.

Tell me if you see any coverage of this in the national media.  Remember, their only goal is to defeat Trump, no matter how many lives need to be lost.



  1. I've been thinking of taking zinc supplements. Not only does zinc seem to interfere with the reproduction of the virus, I'm not sure it takes a whole lot to make a difference.
    One of my staff took a look at Los Angeles area Covid case statistics, and the regions with lower case loads seemed to be in the regions where the LADWP had been adding zinc orthophosphate to the water to prevent corrosion.
    The amount of zinc in the water is pretty low -- 0.75 mg/l -- well below what you'd find in a zinc supplement. However, I'm wondering if the long-term exposure allowed a concentration to build up in the interiors of cells in the body.

  2. Karl: Has this been published? It would seem an important lifesaving piece of data.

  3. Not published anywhere. We both agreed it was a very sparse dataset, and there were confounding factors in play.

    I may yet suggest to some researcher that it might be interesting to look at cities that use zinc orthophosphate in their water and see what their cases per million turn out to be.

    But I don't think it would hurt to make sure people are taking enough zinc, and vitamin D.

  4. Zinc has been shown in many studies to impede replication of all viruses, and Vitamin D has long been known to assist in immune system function. None of this is unique to SARS-CoV-2 and supplements of both have been part of my winter flu regimen for years and at least anecdotally successful in the absence of flu shots. This year I simply didn't cease my flu regimen around May like usual and will continue it through the winter and early spring at least.