Thursday, September 10, 2020

Android Voice Calling Request for Help

 When I had Best Buy install a Bluetooth enabled Pioneer stereo in my wife's car we could push a button on the face and she could say Call <name in her phonebook> and it called.  In the last year or so, it only recognizes a couple of names.  Otherwise she has to dial by hand--neither safe nor legal in Idaho.  I know the voice recognition is part of the phone, not the stereo.  Neither Best Buy nor Verizon has a clue.  Does an Android phone require retraining of the voice?

I wish that I could tell you why,  but deleting all the Bluetooth pairing data and re-pairing both phones solved it.

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  1. check your microphone connection. I had a bluetooth enabled radio installed in my older car. They had to add a microphone to the car to push the voice over to the phone. Have your wife call you over the phone, with the engine running and all the normal background noises. How does she sound? Is it distorted? Using the phone directly make the same phone request "Call " does it do the right thing?