Saturday, September 12, 2020

Too Much Fun

 8/23/20 San Jose Mercury News article about California and national government agreeing to thin the forests to reduce further disasters.  One left comment was so delicious that I could not resist:

Trump's "rake the forest"

Omg! It always amazes me how Trump's diciples desperately try to find anything meaningful coming from his lips (or tweets).


Did your Führer have any federal forests raked???

My response:

The National Socialists were very concerned about forests, (" it depicted the forest sheltering ancient Aryan Germans, Arminius, and the Teutonic Knights, facing the peasants wars, being chopped up by war and industry, " and they had some outgrowth from the Wandervogel movement. "This might be the reason why one can find significant members of the Youth Movement on both sides, among the Nazis and among the Widerstand."

The National Socialists also did their part to reduce overpopulation, especially among groups the Democratic Party has now demonized.


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