Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Moving to America

 9/26/20 Napa Valley Register:

The anxiety faded by the time her family pulled out in a U-Haul bound for Salt Lake City on a smoky September night. Morris, 31, had still never been to Utah — her husband liked it when he worked there as a truck driver — but she had discovered a whole world of people planning similar escapes online. They posted faraway landscapes on Pinterest, smiling family photos on Instagram and memes about leaving “Commiefornia” in Facebook groups like “Conservatives Leaving California.”

“I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not moving out of California to a third-world country,” Morris said. “I’m leaving a third-world country to join America.”


  1. My few years living in TN started just after Nissan announced the move of their US headquarters from Gardena, CA to Franklin TN.

    There was a lot in the local media at the time of people who had been born and raised in California being apprehensive about moving to the suburb of a large city in 'flyover' country, but once they got there finding it not much different after all.

    It all seemed very shallow to me, spouses and teenagers finding that the same chain restaurants, gyms, and fashion stores that they thought they would miss had branches in the new place too -- but I guess the level of knowledge about the heartland that exists on the coasts is really so shallow that this was a welcome surprise to some of the transplants.

  2. Considering what I've read about San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, that's three cities I don't care to visit anymore.

  3. Unknown: Shortly after I moved to Boise to work for HP, a friend in California was laid off. I called up him to tell him HP was hiring. His response to the idea of living in Boise caused ke to assure him that we had flush toilets, electricity, and I had met very men married to their sisters. The famous New Yorker cover about flyover country really does describe the ignorance of us that from which the elites suffer.