Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Today's Spam Special

 The subject is a multidigit number such as verification code emails often use:

 Do you want extra income? Are you still worried about money? Do you know the importance of money only when things happen? Don587211>'t want 10871>to get rich4524>? Th8745>e most p6268>rofita5748>ble wea817>lth pa08>ssword 4586616>in 20256>0 is 94>cryptoc166529>urren409844>cy in87>ves9828>tme0173300>nt. You0953547> only 7079>need a0106> mo83641>bile 4745>phone t1933>o foll766276>ow 728>me t009962>o l01686069>earn9010>, simple610242> and 64212>easy to824406> us512>e, low investme978>nt, l03652>arge3100348425> profi636>ts. Plea348>se co6663359>ntact whatsapp: +1(406)414-6388

I have no need for income in 20256.  Or is that a logical expression: year 1?

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