Friday, September 25, 2020


 I am supposed to do a Zoom with a small group.  I have been experimenting with the host.  The problem is that when I hit Share, I get a small number of screens from which to pick.  If I run PowerPoint in presenter mode with the presented view on a screen other than my main monitor, it comes through fine.  But I want to share JPGs.  I cannot figure out how to put those JPGs on the share screen.  I open them in IrfanView, but I cannot drag IrfanView onto the share screen and have it go there; it just appears on top of the share screen.  This has to be a common need.  Suggestions?


  1. We use both Skype and MS Teams, so I can't speak from direct experience with Zoom; but perhaps the fundamentals are similar.

    Normally when I hit share, I am offered the chance to share a monitor (and whatever happens to be on it) or a particular application that is running. If I have, say, a PPT slideshow running on one monitor in full-screen mode, the choice for that app might look the same as the choice for the monitor it's on. If I choose to share the PPT app, it doesn't matter what other windows I drag onto that monitor--they won't share to the viewers. If I choose to share the monitor, though, it should share whatever the contents of that monitor are, and I can drag or submerge application windows as needed.

    Again, Zoom might not work that way, but hopefully this will at least give you some clues that will help.

  2. NeoBarb: That is what I am doing as a stopgap.

  3. NeoBarb: That works well enough that I am not seeking other solutions.