Friday, September 25, 2020


 I am supposed to do a Zoom with a small group.  I have been experimenting with the host.  The problem is that when I hit Share, I get a small number of screens from which to pick.  If I run PowerPoint in presenter mode with the presented view on a screen other than my main monitor, it comes through fine.  But I want to share JPGs.  I cannot figure out how to put those JPGs on the share screen.  I open them in IrfanView, but I cannot drag IrfanView onto the share screen and have it go there; it just appears on top of the share screen.  This has to be a common need.  Suggestions?


  1. We use both Skype and MS Teams, so I can't speak from direct experience with Zoom; but perhaps the fundamentals are similar.

    Normally when I hit share, I am offered the chance to share a monitor (and whatever happens to be on it) or a particular application that is running. If I have, say, a PPT slideshow running on one monitor in full-screen mode, the choice for that app might look the same as the choice for the monitor it's on. If I choose to share the PPT app, it doesn't matter what other windows I drag onto that monitor--they won't share to the viewers. If I choose to share the monitor, though, it should share whatever the contents of that monitor are, and I can drag or submerge application windows as needed.

    Again, Zoom might not work that way, but hopefully this will at least give you some clues that will help.

  2. import the pics into Power point slides

  3. NeoBarb: That is what I am doing as a stopgap.

  4. NeoBarb: That works well enough that I am not seeking other solutions.