Friday, September 11, 2020

Meteorites (1998)

On YouTube.  No link because it is so bad it deserves an anti-lock.
First gripe: it is only a meteorite after it hits. Meteors are dangerous; meteorites are nice ways to make some money.  Some people actually hunt for them in deserts.
The opening sequence with a comet ripping through Saturn's rings, throwing a storm of meteors our direction is absurd.  Nothing in the rings or a comet is big enough to do more than produce a shooting star.  This steady string of meteors hitting the ground and killing people is statistically implausible. 
There were a couple subplots that might have been interesting if not as cliches as they seem: traumatized EOD guy called 
to help explain the explosions; teen couple madly in lust; mayor turns to insurance fraud to pay off debts. But so many technical flaws it was not worth finishing. 


  1. Thank you for this. I've never heard of this movie, and as a long-time aficionado of cheesy disaster flicks, I'll have to see if it's up (down) to the standards of "Volcano," "Sharknado" I and II, "Gojira," or even (dare I hope?)"Plan 9 From Outer Space."

  2. Based on your non-recommendation, I watched it. I found it to be a laugh riot. What? It wasn't supposed to be a comedy? With a sheriff who wears his spare magazines in the middle of his back, a bomb-and-arson guy who calls a "device" an "explosive," dialogue like "He scared the shivers out of us," and a hero who emerges unscathed from a fiery explosion, like the bad guys on "The A-Team"? You mean it was supposed to be serious? It was funnier than "Sharknado," and that's saying something.