Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Task Priority Under Windows?

 When VideoStudio is rendering a video, it gobbles up resources like mad and other applications become non-responsive.  Does anyone know if Windows 10 has a way to set application priority to reduce the CPU time an application uses?  I confess to being a bit spoiled; the first multitasking system on which I worked had a fairly interesting system of setting task priority on a terminal-by-terminal basis.  It was quite fun for messing with Mr. Winkenhower's junior high computer class; you just went into the Terminal Control Block (which alas, I remember started at 0528H in memory, with 18H bytes per terminal) and change the priority value.

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  1. Stack Exchange suggests going to Task Manager's Details tab, right-clicking on the process, and choosing "set affinity" from the popup menu. This will open a new window that lets you pick which of the threads are allowed to run that process. The idea is you can pick, say, 3/4 of them, and, effectively, the process will never use more than 75% of the CPU. You can do it from the command line, too, with the "start" command.

    How many cores does your PC have nowadays? I'm personally using a desktop CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads, and when I'm transcoding I just let it run; I'll see some slowdown using other apps but with 12 threads there's usually enough to spare.