Saturday, September 19, 2020


The area around Couer d'Alene and Sandpoint is looking increasingly attractive.  Housing is 60% of the Boise area prices, and some of these houses are in forests and on lakes or rivers.  Of course they get lots of snow.  Perhaps a Corvette convertible will not replace the Jaguar.


  1. And what's the point of being rich if you cannot indulge yourself?

  2. Just move to CA; that's what CDA and Sandpoint have become. Sandpoint even has a leftist mayor. (How he transformed into that from Lewiston Idaho is a mystery. The only credible theory would be by the influence of the "education system".)

    Come on Clayton, admit it; you are pining for California deep in your bones. ;)

  3. BFR: No, I just do not like how this area is turning into the San Fernando Valley.

    I do like Big Sur. I just can't afford to buy all of it to keep the leftists away. They do seem like locusts.

  4. My sister had a home in Big Sur, which they sold near ten years ago.

    When the fungus went through that area and killed all the oak trees in the mid-late 00's, it left enough gaps that you could see and hear some of the Highway One traffic even during the summer. That was a big hit to the sense of seclusion they had.

    Most all that was left was Redwoods, which they had a LOT of. Biggest (tallest?) one in town was on their property, on the parking side of the river that ran through their place. That thing could drop limbs the size of regular trees! Required an excavator to dig the last one it dropped out of the driveway, so it could be turned into lumber. Falling ~240 feet buried it pretty good!

    They had a quite long suspension bridge to get from parking to the house. Interesting property, but some of the regulations they had to deal with were a pain (it IS California). The river could go from a foot deep to 20 feet after a rain. And moving like a bat out of, well, pretty fast!