Monday, September 7, 2020

Not Born Into Being Human

 Small Dead Animals (one of my favorite blogs) has video of a racism trainer explaining that not only are all white people racist but that they cannot work past it, and "I believe white people are born not into being human."  It appears to be one of those mandatory corporate training exercises.  I would love to see the corporate CEO explain why requiring (or even paying for this a voluntary training) does not qualify as creating a hostile work environment.

PowerlineBlog says this clip was from a training of Seattle City employees three years ago. Apparently the Justice Department is asking questions about the legality of imposing this on employees based on their depraved perhaps non human race.


  1. This may not be legit. At the very beginning you can see a 'Netroots Nation' sign. She gave presentations there. This might be one of them and not some corporate training seminar.

  2. As a supervisor, I'm now wondering if I have to allow white employees to do and say racist things because of the Americans with Disability Act.