Saturday, September 19, 2020

If the Democrats Eventually Get Control Again and Add Two Seats to the Court

 When Republican get back in control, they increase it from 11 to 13, no 51, no, the entire citizen population and we get to see democracy in action.  Watch the Democrats scream then!


  1. When one side purely plays politics, the other side is forced play politics in defense. Since the Democrats think adding six more justices is a good idea (certainly not for purely partisan reasons) I think Trump should have called their bluff and suggested that they pass a law adding those six justices. What could Nancy do? Oppose him and tell us all the reasons it's a bad idea? If she did, it would make it hard to reintroduce the idea in the near future. If she accepted it, Trump would have chosen six new conservative justices. Unfortunately, it's too late to do that now.

  2. After his second Inauguration, President Trump should do just that.
    His campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again" was just such a bluff call. Previously, it was the Democrats who want to make America great by fundamentally transforming it. By taking that campaign point away, the Democrats had to come up with something else, the Russian Collusion. Four years of impeachment attempts based on intense dislike, and found the only Russian interference to be on the social media sites with fake news. The most they can come up with for interference is Russians saying, in essence "Can you believe what he said about you? Let's you and him fight. I'll hold your coats."