Thursday, September 17, 2020

Need an Article Idea

AFF's editor is pinging me for article ideas.  I have been a bit busy, so I cannot immediately think of an article to write.  It needs to be something that is relevant to current gun rights public policy


  1. I think having tax money support homeless addicts and criminals in hotels is a third amendment violation. We have been forced to support an army by government action. Ask the shoplift, trespass, rape, arson and murder victims. It’s not your requested topic. It does share a Venn diagram with your mental health published work.


  2. How about a parallel comparing firearms and ammo taxes, monthly limits, magazine restrictions, waiting periods, etc. with similar First Amendment regulation like licenses for public speaking, waiting periods before opinions could be expressed, limits on speaking time or article size, newsletters published, etc.

  3. Non-profit status should be restricted to churches as per the original intent of the constitution. There are a lot of "non-profit" organizations who's real business isfundraising. Their true goal, is to incite the masses, the media,
    wealthy individuals and corporate sponsors,so as to maximize their cash take in contributions. Their cause is incidental. Its how they fund their organizations, and are personally and professionally compensated.

    This also would force the ultra rich to pay taxes...eventually,,,,as they cant just give it away and avoid all tax.

    Madalyn Murray Ohair was really an atheist I don't know.
    But she made quite a successful living running her atheist organization,
    until one or her associates wanted a cut and took her and her son and
    granddaughter on a one way trip to the Texas desert. I suppose the only good part of that story is,she soon found out whether she was right or not.

  4. Have you done anything on the issue of ammunition availability. Been doing work on the Revolutionary war for my SAR chapter: At the monthly meeting I give a "This Month in the Revolution" and then cover the year 1775 to 1783. The main point is practically everymonth of 1775 has some mention of efforts to acquire powder, shot and flints by either a State or Congress. I was floored when I read the British Navy was stopping ships because their ballast stones were flint stones and dumping the ballast over board.

  5. How about Soros-funded prosecutors going after citizens who use arms to defend themselves from Commie mobs? See bayourenaissncemannm. blogspot today.

  6. How about the tax and paper work involved in having a suppressor. A safety device that saves a shooters hearing.

  7. If we have the right to bear arms why do the police have the right to shoot us if they see us with a gun? After all the only criteria for the police is that the officer has to state that he was "in fear for his life".

    I know it is trite and been covered to death but nothing is ever done about it.

  8. How about a tie-in with 19th century racist disarmament laws? I see a good correlation between disarming blacks to prevent rebellion/resistance to mob violence with today's prosecution of ostensibly justifiable self-defense. Or the chilling effect on self-defense that disarmament laws had in the past and promise to have in the future.

  9. In parts of Europe suppressors are required. In the US they're practically prohibited.

  10. There is no such thing as "gun violence".
    Guns are inanimate objects.
    *People* can be violent and sometimes they use guns.

  11. Concerning the shootings in Kenosha - I'm heading a lot of nonsense from people who seem to have zero understanding of what are the necessary elements for a claim of self defense.