Saturday, September 26, 2020

Went Shooting Again Today

The Firestar has some sort of extract or eject problem, not magazine specific.  It sometimes ends up stovepiped, and dropping the magazine does not work.  To the gunsmith it goes.

The AR-15 iron sights are definitely hitting to point of aim.  The optical sights as well.

The M1A iron sights which I have literally never used or adjusted were pretty close.  Slight windage adjustment, and it was hitting 1.3" high at 25m (which is about right for a 300m battle zero).  

The optical sight was disappointing.  When I bought this Springfield Armory scope mount, the claim (maybe not made by them), was that because it uses the screw in the side of the receiver and has three registration bars that go into slots of the side of the receiver, it should hold zero even after being removed and restored.  (This seems implausible to me now, but the AR-15 scope mount that slides in the handle works quite well like this, and I have heard similar things about the H&K 91/93 scope mounts.)  Apparently, the three point of contact mounts are a better choice and even then, once zeroed, do not remove and expect it to still be zeroed.  This test result for the Basset scope mount inclines me to it.

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