Friday, September 11, 2020

California Goes Full Fascist

9/10/20 Los Angeles Daily News:

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Thursday, Sept. 10, granted the county’s request for an injunction prohibiting Grace Community Church in Sun Valley from holding indoor services in a ruling that emphasized the importance of following health orders to prevent the community spread of the coronavirus.

After hearing arguments Friday from attorneys for the county and the church, Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled that Grace Community Church and its pastor, John MacArthur, are prohibited from conducting indoor worship services in violation of county health orders. The judge also ruled that the church must not conduct any outdoor worship services unless it fully complies with the county’s mandates relating to physical distancing and face coverings.

Whether this is wise or not is a separate issue, but "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" and the 14th Amendment imposes that limitations on state and local governments.  The abolitionists who helped runaway slaves were similarly putting the laws of God over the laws of men.  Again, a Republicans (abolitionists) vs.  Democrats (the slave owners).

My church has indoor services and an outdoor service under the trees.  We sit outside, even I though I think the risk is low inside where people are wearing masks.

I look forward to the video of mass arrests on Sunday.  A great Trump ad.  "What the Democratic Party does." And as usual, the Democrats are so insular that they do not see how this will play among moderate and conservative Christian Democrats (they do exist although I have no idea why).

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  1. The efficacy of masks of various types when dealing with viruses have been studied for 100 YEARS. NONE of them, when worn by the public, have been found to be capable of controlling the spread of any virus.

    Also, they have been documented to CAUSE medical problems for some of the users. Those little medical type masks? They have measured a drop in blood oxygen levels in surgeons during operations. That's the least problem masks can cause. They can also aggravate existing medical conditions.

    I recently had this happen to me while wearing an N95 mask, and nearly died. Really close call. The alarm on my finger cuff oxy-pulse meter got my attention while I was taking a break. Don't know why I bothered with it then. It was warning that my heartbeat was only reading 25bpm. That was all it could see. Good chance that if I had put the mask on and gone back inside the moldy area, I would not have come back out. The last time I saw that erratic a beat, it was during a heart attack. BT;DT and don't need another t-shirt. Took some days to settle down to something near normal.