Saturday, September 12, 2020

"The Valley of the Masters"

Another great story!  Imagine a place where technological man had created a utopia: houses have water,  light,  and heat;  huge heaters protect the fruits from frost damage; all crops are harvested by machines and appear,  as if by magic, in food bins in the houses. 

Now imagine people who live in this Eden who have lost memory of the builders, convinced the Old Ones were giants who made this Eden by magic.  But the machines are beginning to break down; the magic is going away.  One man who had become an outcast because they believe him a witch (for no apparent reason),  climbs to the House of the Old Ones (hydroelectric plant) and returns to tell the superstitious that the Old Ones were humans like them, who used machines to make their worlds. 

A frightful analogy to what the enemies of science and objective truth (2+2=5) may yet achieve in their endless assault on Western Civilization under the banner of intersectionality, racism aimed at the "right" groups, and denial of objective reality (an outgrowth of white culture,  in their ignorant little minds).

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  1. I was once asked what kind of jobs would young people get with the wave of automation sweeping through the economy. My answer was to learn to fix robots.