Saturday, September 19, 2020

He May Be Old But Do Not Pick a Fight Based on Your Prejudices About Us Old Farts


It looks like the old man threw the first punch, but the Antifa yelling, "You want to fight?" at that distance qualifies as assault.  Some of us old farts use firearms because we know what would be the result in the same situation.  Antifa would be laughing so hard as I threw a punch that I would have time to run. 

Oh, and "We are the workers."  And the 99.99% of Americans who are not (yet) burning down buildings are all capitalist exploiters?  I mean, I guess that I am, but I am atypical.


  1. At that distance and with that age difference, one punch would be all it takes to turn the old guy into "Honored Dead."

    The media could, if it cared to cover any violence from the "Mostly peaceful demonstrations"*, do it in a single evening, with "Demonstrations turned violent last night, with one death, an elderly man out after dark. A scuffle broke out and he's dead. Now, back to Joe and the sports."

    *The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was mostly peaceful, too. Most of the flying time was spent flying between the carriers and the harbor, where, of course, no bullets were fired, no bombs were dropped, no men killed.