Sunday, September 27, 2020

What Happens When the Left Goes too Far Off the Rails?

Don Kilmer is a prominent gun rights attorney who recently moved to Idaho.  (Look carefully and you will find  his name on many gun rights suits in the Western U.S.)  We were cleaning guns together this morning while he did an interview on Tom Gresham's radio show.   It suddenly struck me how the 1989 California Assault Weapons ban affected both of us in slightly different paths.

Don and I are almost the same age.  We both dropped out of college.  In 1989, I was a software engineer working on a computer science degree.   Don was a car mechanic. 

The ban encouraged me to change my major to history. Don went back to college to get a bachelor's,  then law school.

I teach at a community college (whose name we dare not speak); Don teaches at a law school. I doubt Don and I are the only side effects of that dishonest campaign to pass a stupid and useless law.

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