Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Twitter: The Pro-Violence Social Media Company

A Tweet that tells how to make caltrops from "free rebar from construction sites."  If I were a twit, I would ask him where he lives so someone can come get his "free" computer or phone.  Any bets on whether he calls the police?  (The purpose of caltrops is to puncture tires.  Someone should put some in front of his bike.)

So there's the care and mutual aid.  These Democrats won't be happy until they have provoke a civil war.


  1. I'm not sure that a mere civil war is what they are interested in. Sometimes it seems like they want a world in which the topmost people in government live like Pharaoh and the bottom 3/4 live like American Indian tribes, scratching out a living and fighting among each other, without prisons, borders, clearcuts, mines, or smelters, for whom metal would be a mystery, and glass would, too.
    My mother always thought it was the businessmen who wanted to live like barons on the hill at the expense of the employees, but I see that behavior and desire express itself much more in the elected Leftists who don't need to actually sell anything anyone would want to buy.

  2. The civil war will be in response to their attempt to create that neo-feudalism.