Sunday, October 26, 2014

Contingency Planning: ScopeRoller

I hate to be morbid, but there is a small possibility that I will need my aortic valve replaced in early spring.  There is a small possibility that I won't survive it, or that a stroke contingent on surgery will not end as well as this one.  I am thinking of trying to arrange a contingent   sale of ScopeRoller in that unfortunate event.  This would involve the Sherline lathe, vertical mill, the drill press, and the chop saw, along with materials, tooling, instructions, web site, existing customer lists.  The idea is to simplify disposal of this stuff if I am not here to identify what is required.  The business is a profitable sideline business.  I typically make $10,000 a year in sales, with each sale making about $50-$100 in gross profit, without about an hour of labor.

UPDATE: Yes, the valve was replaced last year, but there appear to be calcium deposits building up, which might require attention.


  1. sales, with each sale making about $50-$100 in gross profit, without about an hour of labor.

    This is useful, but what is your typical sale amount? I.e. what is your gross profit margin?

    Also... I can't see anyone who doesn't already have recent experience with similar tools and materials buying the business. It seems likely that a purchaser would already have a machine shop.

    So the lathe, mill, drill press, and chop saw would not be worth buying and shipping. The plans, tooling, material, customer list, etc., would be nearly all the value, and could be shipped anywhere for a modest cost.

    The big machine tools could be sold locally.

    This is of course a contigency devoutly to be avoided, we all hope, I'm sure.

  2. Didn't you already have your valve replaced?